Guitar Solos & Smoking Rants with Amir Kabiri!

August 9, 2017

It's been a year since comedian Amir Kabiri has been on Mel Talk, and this time he brings his guitar and does some musical therapy on the podcast! I had no idea he could Persianize Hotel California, and he did with such a beautiful grace! This is a must listen to episode, especially if you want to sing along! For more info on Amir, please check out his Instagram and Facebook @amirkabiri! Also, I will be out of the country, so the next Mel Talk will air August 30th! Please make sure to subscribe and leave a review on iTunes.


Hilarious Stories and Industry Rants with Comedian Paul Elia!

August 2, 2017

We have the very talented actor and stand-up comedian Paul Elia aka Paul The Nice Guy (because he takes girls out on dates) on this weeks Mel Talk! We discuss everything from comedy, the industry, pet peeves, joke material, dating, I make him do impressions...the list goes on people! This episode is a must listen... For more info and show dates on Paul Elia, please check out Instagram @paulelianiceguy


Making Musical Comedy with Amir Kalil!

July 19, 2017

Amir Kalil aka Amiracle joins us on this weeks episode! This man is not only hilarious but he plays beautifully on the guitar and teaches me how to incorporate my jokes with his musical talents! We talk everything from him being a threat to society- yes half black and half Middle-Eastern, we discuss comedy, DJS, we even chat about mens skincare....Not only is this episode a must listen, but it was so much fun recording! For more info on Amir Kalil, follow him Twitter and IG @AmiracleComedy and please make sure to subscribe at rate Mel Talk on iTunes!


Two Brown Women Walk into a Bar and Tell Jokes!

July 5, 2017

So excited to have the lovely and talented comedienne Miss Mona Shaikh aka Professor Shaikh in the house, she educates us on the history of Islam, we also discuss comedy, women in comedy, being a brown woman in this industry plus much more. This is a must listen! Please forgive me for the sound on my mic on this episode, something went wrong with it during the recording, it has been fixed for future episodes! Please make sure to check out Mona's work at and her facebook page Muslims Do it Better. Thank You!


Crazy Bantering & Dating Rules with Comedian Mike Muratore!

June 21, 2017

We have comedian, actor and master of many trades....the hilarious Mike Muratore on this weeks episode of Mel Talk! Mike is so insanely funny and such an honest fun loving person, I had a pleasure chatting it up with him. We talk everything from shitty acting coaches in Los Angeles, his new dating rules and what it exactly means to be a MANIMAL! For more information on Mike and show dates, visit his website


Stand-up & Kathy Griffin Rants with Comedian Agostino Zoida!

June 7, 2017

So excited to finally have one of my favorite and long time comedy pals, Agostino Zoida on the show! We talk everything from double standards when it comes to male versus female stand-up comedians, relationships and of course, rants! Agostino shares with us his thoughts on the latest Kathy Griffin scandalous Trump photo to some fun political rants. Please make sure to follow Agostino on social media, and check out his podcast, Parishioners, on iTunes.


Pastor Talk & Podcasting with Scott Jones!

May 24, 2017

So honored to have on this weeks episode, talented podcaster & pastor, Mr. Scott Jones! We chat it up from religiion, podcasting, comedy to rants! Please make sure to check out Scott's two awesome podcasts on iTunes: Give and Take and New Persuasive Words! For more info, please visit his site



Real Talk with Comedian Perry Strong!

May 11, 2017

New York based comedian and all-around NO FILTER hilarious man, Mr. Perry Strong is on this weeks episode! Perry has just spent one week in LA, doing 14 shows and had some crazy stories to tell, all revealed on Mel Talk! He shares with us everything from being assaluted and punched in the face to the NY comedy scene versus LA. Children....listen discretion is advised! For more info on Perry, check him out at


Hollywood Filmmaker Youssef Delara!

April 26, 2017

So excited to have the talented filmmaker Youssef Delara on the podcast! Youssef delves into the world of filmmaking and shares with us through his experiences, what it takes to turn a passion into a full-fledged career in Hollywood! We talk everything from his latest rom-com film The Bounce Back to his biggest pet peeve- humans that obsess way too much over their cars aka car people! Make sure to check out Youssef’s latest films…Filly Brown, The Bounce Back and the thriller Enter the Dangerous Mind. For more info on Youssef, visit his site


Comedy Talk & How to Keep Your Wife with Key Lewis!

April 12, 2017

We have the very funny and talented stand-up comedian Key Lewis on this week’s episode of Mel Talk! Key has been featured on Marlon Wayan’s TBS’s Funniest Wins, Starz, BET and can be seen headlining all-over the country. We share comedic stories and this guy will have you cracking up with his relationship talk and silliness! For more info on Key Lewis, please check his website